Belgian Teenage Girls Flee Morocco After Being Threatened with Beheading for Wearing Shorts While Volunteering

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They are volunteering their frontholes.


Fertile young women are traveling to diverse-skinned and male-dominated countries to build roads while wearing shorts in what’s probably the most convoluted mating ritual ever.

These whores will keep legions of white beta orbiters in tow but then ship off to Morocco and other such places and give us their cunts to any brown skinned man they can find.

One solution: cages. Now.


lol @ “the people here are very friendly and very kind”

Let’s check with the pre-cogs at the Department of Precrime:

Yep verdict is RAPE


These virtue signalling filthy whores would not pick up trash in their own streets. God, I hate them.


I bet they would not do this in their homeland.

Fucking sluts.

By the way, there is one negro girl, probably also “Belgian”.


Morroco needs charity of white women to “build roads”. Are all the men of Morocco fucking handicapped or something? No, obviously this is a pathetically veiled excuse to go on a sex tour to get some brown dick with French accents. Women love these brown creeps from Morocco but they are all dodgy af shitstains.


Should’t we be glad all the betas get bred out of the genepool? I mean we always complain about them being the enablers for women beheaving the way they do, so i don’t give a fuck if they can’t get pussy. Think about it, it’s like a natural eugenics programm and we will become stronger (yet fewer, that’s the downside) in the process.

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Yes, fewer indeed if they all ship off to Morocco as I said.

The beta orbiter being bred out of existence isn’t so bad of course.

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Pretty funny watching them pretend to work placing stones in that roadway, I am actually surprised they weren’t on their cel phones texting whoever, probably had no service.
Women are completely useless as laborers, most of them dont care how to do anything correctly or efficiently.
These bimbos are there to virtue signal and look cute…waste of time.


Ikumi may wear revealing outfits but it would be her doing the beheadings in such scenario. “Meat-Mi” is scary good with knives.

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Imagine being so retarded and useless as a race that teenage girls have to fly across the world to build roads for you.
Actually sounds fun. Lets get some slut chain gangs going and make them build us some roads?


In the current year, White whores continue to whore in IslamoNigger infested countries in Apefrica. Go figure.


Besides being really stupid, it is disrespectful to the brown people these libtards claim to like and support. In a hotel near a beach once in a muslim country, they had a sign saying something like, we are a muslim society. Please do not go topless, wear bikinis on the streets or behave in ways considered disrespectful in our society, It affects our youth. It was polite and very fair. It is their country. So I wore long trousers out of courtesy. If i don’t like their culture then I can f off. Yet some white women still went topless on the beach. If you want to carry on like a whore, go do it in your country.

They used to respect white people. Until they met the worst of our women: the liberals




Someone is sponsoring and encouraging this stupidity.


Picking up 5lb rocks and passing them down a 5 meter chain of women to be individually placed on the ground again - and that’s when they’re playing the part on camera.

They can’t even pretend to do real work. Ugh


This is why women were historically always considered property. There is literally nothing good that could ever come of this. Any society that takes women seriously is bound to lose them to someone else who doesn’t.


Seeing these people up close gives you a good idea of how inbred they are.

The only way to tell the males and females apart is by their clothing, and in some
instances facial hair. These are not people who can contribute anything intellectually
to a space age western society. They were in those shitholes for a reason, but until
we sort things out they will breed non-stop (only menopause will stop them) and
weigh White nations down with massive financial demands.


They are calling what they are building “roads”? Even the cavemen could probably build better roads.